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Emergency Care

The best care for life's big and little emergencies - sprained ankles, heart attacks, sudden fevers, and serious trauma - around the clock every day. In the New Milford Hospital emergency department, you can be confident that our medical professionals are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality of care, as promptly as possible.

Who to Call
  • Serious emergencies - call 911
  • For minor medical issues - call your physician
  • 24-hour Emergency Department - (860) 210-5200
  • Poison Control Center - 1-800-343-2722
Medical emergencies develop unexpectedly and demand immediate attention, and we understand that a visit to the emergency department can be stressful. We will try to help you understand as much as possible about your medical condition, and what we are doing to take care of you. We know you understand that patients who come in with the most serious injuries need to be seen first.

While our physicians and staff are all highly trained emergency medicine professionals, they are also mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers first and strive to treat you as they would their own family.

Well Prepared
Emergency care begins without delay. If you arrive by ambulance, we can start taking care of you even before you get to the hospital. Our physicians are in contact with the ambulance team, paramedic and EMTs (emergency medical technicians) by radio, which enables the emergency department team to assemble the people and equipment necessary for your arrival. Our innovative paramedic intercept program supplements local ambulance squads with advanced EMS support dispatched from the hospital. We're prepared and waiting.

When You Arrive
Unless your care requires immediate intervention in the emergency department, a receptionist will ask you for some basic information. Most likely, a nurse will see you and ask you some more questions to determine the severity of your condition, based on your symptoms, and the nurse may also check your vital signs. This process is called "triage". Everyone who comes to the emergency department will be seen, regardless of insurance coverage or ability to pay.

Our emergency physicians have decades of combined experience and board certification in emergency medicine. For more information on our medical staff, call 1-800-585-7198.