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Regional Heart Center

Applying the health care leadership and cardiac expertise of Western Connecticut Health Network, cardiologists at New Milford Hospital and Danbury Hospital offer patients the latest options to prevent and treat America's number one killer -- cardiovascular (heart and blood vessel) disease.

Cardiovascular disease management entails a broad range of diagnostic, preventive and treatment services, including a fully staffed, 24-hour emergency department, supported by an outstanding paramedic response program. Delivered by an expert team of health care professionals, these comprehensive cardiac services are designed to save lives, reduce heart damage and improve quality of life for cardiac patients.

The heart is a muscle about the size of a fist that pumps constantly to keep the body supplied with oxygen and nutrient-rich blood. When the vessels that supply the heart become damaged due to cardiovascular disease, the heart - and the rest of the body - can suffer.

That's why prompt diagnosis and treatment by highly qualified specialists is so essential.

Cardiovascular health, a job that takes two.
Cardiovascular disease kills over a million Americans every year, but there are millions more whose lives it impairs. Due to personal habits and in some cases heredity, cardiovascular problems often build gradually, reducing one's ability to lead a full life.

The good news is that many cardiovascular problems can be prevented. Or, should they occur, they can monitored and often controlled and improved upon. This means that each of us must be aware of our own condition and not wait passively for problems to arise.

For those individuals with a history of cardiovascular disease or those with risk factors, we offer a medically supervised programs for cardiac rehabilitation and ongoing cardiac fitness. A physician referral is required.  For information, call 860-210-5328.