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Integrative Therapy

Integrative Medicine Services
New Milford Hospital is pleased to offer integrative therapies to all interested patients, adding a new dimension to the medical and surgical care we offer. Under the guidance of our Planetree commitment to patient-centered care, integrative therapies at New Milford Hospital were developed with the utmost attention to the holistic medical benefits for our patients. Patients with cancer can benefit from these modalities when incorporated with the highest quality medical diagnostic and treatment services.

Guided Imagery and Relaxation
Meditation and guided imagery use breathing and imagery techniques to manage stress and control pain. Comfortably seated in chairs, patients follow open-ended directions such as "imagine yourself in a hammock gently swaying, and place yourself there." The mind naturally follows its own path, bringing a sense of well-being and comfort to patients.
Reiki and Therapeutic Touch
Reiki has long been considered an ideal therapy for stress reduction that also can promote healing. This popular Japanese healing method has been used for more than 2,500 years. It is a gentle therapy that stimulates the body's natural healing capability, reduces stress, and fosters physical, emotional and spiritual well-being by directing the flow of energy through the body. Our "M Touch" program can help prevent constriction of blood vessels during blood draws and intravenous line insertion, while enabling the patient to relax.

Healing Drum Circle
The meditative sounds and rhythm of drumming along with the action of making music can promote healing. There are no mobility or musical ability requirements in order to participate. The drum circle evolves into an organic exchange of energy and joy with significant benefits to patients. Drums and other percussion instruments are provided.

Preparing for Surgery with Hypnotherapy
Some of our surgeons work directly with a certified hypnotherapist to offer their patients added support in preparing for and recovering from surgery.  Many patients who take advantage of this opportunity find that they are more relaxed and prepared for their surgical experience with other added benefits. 

Pet Partner Program
Our certified Pet Partners (a human and canine pair) visit patients in the Diebold Family Cancer Center on a frequent basis and with advance request. whenever possible. The program provides nurturing comfort and a healthy distraction for many patients undergoing treatment 

Music Therapy
Our certified music therapist is also a licensed clinical psychologist who is uniquely trained to help patients better respond to their environment through music, rhythm and sound.  Studies show that some patients with cognitive and communication difficulties may respond more readily to music therapy, while finding it a source of comfort and familiarity in the health care setting.

Our integrative medicine sessions are open to all patients by request, and are offered on a recurring schedule. For more information, call 860-210-5000.