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Your Healthcare Team

Your Health Care Team at the Diebold Family Cancer Center

 New Milford Hospital has assembled a comprehensive team of experts to assist you over the entire course of your diagnosis, treatment and supportive care for cancer.  Our core belief is that patients should be real partners in their care.  The more knowledgeable and informed our patients can become, the better prepared they are to function effectively as such a partner.  As a community hospital dedicated to clinical excellence and patient-centered care that nurtures every patient's mind, body and spirit, we will work to personalize and demystify aspects of your care, supporting you and your family with extensive technology, programs and clinical trials to help you make decisions and get the support you need.  We participate in extensive quality improvement efforts to ensure we maintain the highest standard of care for our patients, and offer special programs designed to help cancer survivors address their long-term health and well-being.

A hallmark at the Center is the extensive cancer case review that occurs for patients, bringing the collective expertise of many specialists together to provide a comprehensive treatment plan utilizing the most effective technology and personal care. Some of the experts involved in cancer care include:

  • Physician specialists in medical oncology, radiation oncology, laboratory medicine, surgery and radiology
  • Registered nurses with certification and training in oncology, chemotherapy, clinical research and other disciplines
  • A dedicated pharmacist for cancer medication and therapies
  • A breast health navigator RN to guide patients through treatment and services
  • Radiation therapists, radiologic technologists, medical technologists, and radiation oncology technical professionals such as a dosimetrist and a physicist
  • Physical therapists, registered dietitians, social work services counselors
  • Integrative medicine pracitioners for Reiki, M-Technique (massage), reflexology, etc
  • Administrative and clinical support staff for registration, scheduling and personal needs

Patients and their families also receive support from staff for valet parking, an around-the clock Spiritual Care Program and Interfaith Chapel, support groups, and the amenities of our award-winning Dining and Food Services and Planetree Gift Shop. 

Diebold Family Cancer Center 860-210-5300

Physician Referral 1-800-585-7198