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Patient Rights & Privacy

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Patient Rights

At New Milford Hospital, we are dedicated to providing our patients with excellence in health care services which meet their individual needs. We consider our patients an important part of the health care team and continually work to create an environment where effective communication is ongoing between patients, families and caregivers. Since we feel communication is so important to your satisfaction and recovery as a patient, we have outlined below some information concerning your patient rights and responsibilities.

Review your Rights and Responsibilities

If you feel that any of your rights have been violated, please contact our Quality Management Department at 860-210-5444.

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Releasing Patient Information

General reports are given to your family and friends when they call to inquire about your condition. Their call will be referred to the appropriate nursing unit where we will confirm your name and give a one-word status on your condition.

If you don't want this information released, please notify your nursing staff or specify that you are opting out of our patient directory when you are admitted.

If you choose not to be listed in the patient directory, then we will not be able to acknowledge that you are a patient in this hospital. We also will not be able, therefore, to accept cards, flowers, or phone calls for you. Please read our privacy notice, which is given at admission.

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Privacy Protection Policy

It is the policy of New Milford Hospital to protect and safeguard the privacy of any and all personal information including social security numbers of our patients, employees and staff members.

"Personal Information" means information that can be associated with a particular individual through one or more identifiers, including, but not limited to: a social security number, a driver's license number, a state identification card, an account number, a credit or debit card number, an alien registration number, a passport number or a health insurance identification number. This does not include publicly available information that is lawfully made available to the general public from federal, state or local government records or widely distributed media.

Collection and Use of Personal Information & Social Security Numbers: The hospital collects and uses personal information and social security numbers for: the proper identification of patients and patient related health care operations as well as personnel related health care operations.

Storage of Personal Information & Social Security Numbers: All documents containing personal information and social security numbers will be stored in a locked or secured area. All electronic documents containing personal information and social security numbers will only be maintained on secured, authorized-access computer stations. All staff members will take all necessary precautions to protect and secure documents containing personal information and social security numbers when not in use.

Access to Personal Information & Social Security Numbers: Only staff members who have a legitimate business reason will have access to any documents containing personal information and social security numbers. Access to this information will be granted to staff members by Department Managers having responsibility for the gathering, use, storage, transporting or transmission of such data information. All staff members will be vigilant in safeguarding personal information and social security numbers. Any and all personal information or social security numbers transmitted electronically for business or health care operations purposes will be sent through a secure connection or with the data encrypted.

Destruction of Personal Information & Social Security Numbers: Records that contain personal information and social security numbers will be maintained in accordance with federal and state laws. Any and all documents containing personal information and social security numbers will be destroyed as follows: paper documents will be shredded and electronic documents will be erased or made unreadable, computer equipment that contains such information will have all such information erased or made unreadable prior to that equipment being used for another purpose or another person without authorized access to such information or destroyed in such a manner that none of this information remains or is readable.

Policy Violation: Any individual who, upon investigation, has improperly used or failed to properly protect and safeguard the privacy of any patient's, employee's or staff member's personal information or social security number is subject to corrective or disciplinary action, including termination. The improper use of personal information or social security numbers may also result in civil penalties or criminal prosecution under State law.

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Medical Records Request

Patients treated at New Milford Hospital may request a copy of their completed medical record by submitting a signed Release of Information Authorization Form.

If copies of your medical record are sent directly to you, there will be 65 cents per-page copy fee, plus the cost of first-class postage and sales tax. If copies are going directly to a physician or hospital, there is no charge.

Instructions to Obtain a Copy of Medical Records

Please complete and sign the 2-page Release of Information Authorization Form.  Include your full name, date of birth, current address, phone number, dates of service and
specify what information you need from your medical record.

Please complete page two of the form by writing your name on the top line and initialing
the bottom, where designated.

Return the form via mail or fax to:

Danbury Hospital 
HIM Department
24 Hospital Ave. 
Danbury, CT 06810 

Fax Number:  203-739-6689

Phone #: 203-739-7218
Hours Monday - Friday 8 AM - 5 PM

The New Milford HIM Department has been merged with the Danbury HIM Department and all operations and staff are located at Danbury Hospital

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Wallet Medication Card

New Milford Hospital (NMH) has created a wallet medication card that could save someone's life. The card is designed to help patients gather and keep with them a complete list of medicines that they take (prescriptions, vitamins, over-the-counter and herbals with full names, dose, and how often taken). The information helps hospital physicians avoid possible interactions or other issues when prescribing medications for patients who are admitted, transferred and discharged.

NMH's program addresses a key initiative of both the national Institute of Healthcare Improvement (IHI) program to improve patient safety and the overall patient experience and a national patient safety goal of the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO). The IHI initiative, called the 100,000 Lives Campaign, includes a component that focuses specifically on reducing medication errors.

Studies have demonstrated that the process of keeping an accurate and complete listing of any non-prescription or prescribed medicines, vitamins or herbals - whether ordered by a patients primary physician, the hospital, a nursing home, specialist or clinic - can reduce medication errors by 70%. The process also saves time - at least 20 minutes - during admissions, transfers and discharges.