Living Well Healthy Changes

Ready for Change

As we all know, knowing you need to make a change doesn’t always translate into actually making the change. While you may know you need to eat a healthier diet or exercise more consistently, you may find yourself struggling to take any action. To figure out why you’re having trouble, it’s important to understand what’s at play.

Small Steps to Change

If you’re like many people, you’ve probably resolved to start a new diet many times, only to find yourself quitting after just a few days or weeks. Maybe the change felt too drastic, too overwhelming, too unsustainable. Maybe you chalked it up to bad luck, or maybe you concluded that you must not have wanted it badly enough.

Chances are, the reason you weren’t able to achieve your goal wasn’t due to a lack of willpower or setting an unrealistic goal. Most likely, the reason you weren’t able to reach your goal may have resided in your approach — you weren’t thinking small enough.

Quit Smoking

No matter your age or how long you’ve smoked, quitting smoking can significantly reduce your risk for developing smoking–related diseases such as lung cancer, heart disease, and stroke. If you’ve tried to quit multiple times in the past but failed, don’t lose faith — according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, today there are more former smokers than current smokers, so quitting successfully is possible! Perseverance is the key.

That’s why Western CT Health Network is here to help — we offer a six-week smoking cessation program at Danbury, New Milford, and Norwalk Hospitals.