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Advanced Technology

Knee injuryAdvanced Technology for Knee and Hip at Danbury Hospital

As the first hospital in the state to offer MAKOplasty® Robotic Assisted Joint Replacement Surgery, Danbury Hospital is a regional pioneer in advanced treatment options for patients with painful knee and hip conditions.

MAKOplasty Robotic Surgery

MAKOplasty® Partial Knee Resurfacing and MAKOplasty® Total Hip Replacement are minimally invasive surgical treatment options for patients suffering from early- to mid-stage osteoporosis of the hip and knee.Through its advanced technological features, MAKOplasty helps surgeons achieve exceptional surgical precision and improved surgical outcomes.

  • Using a 3-D modeling of the entire joint, the surgeon can virtually plan for precise size, orientation, and alignment of the implant- prior to stepping into the operating room. 
  • Using a surgeon-controlled robotic arm system, the surgeon has virtual visualization of the patient’s knee/hip for more accurate implant placement and preservation of healthy bone surrounding tissue and ligament.

This robot assisted technology is an advanced tool that allows our experts surgeons to reduce incision size and risk for complications. Patients usually experience less post-operative pain and faster recovery time.