Workforce Services

Danbury Hospital and New Milford Hospital’s Corporate Health Care offers the following occupational health services for the workplace:

Physical Exams for Employment

  • General pre-employment
  • Commercial driver’s license (CDL) exams (DOT physicals)
  • Fitness for duty/return to work evaluations
  • Respirator users’ medical clearances
  • Physical demands assessments

Injury Management and Treatment of Occupational Injuries

We offer comprehensive care for work-related injuries along with follow-up care as needed. We also participate in many managed care programs. When appropriate, we strive to reduce lost work time through use of modified duty. Our care coordination procedures provide active communication with the client's workers’ compensation case manager with the goal of a timely return to duty. Our return-to-duty protocols and recommendations are designed to permit work and function as appropriate.

Services we administer include:

  • Evaluation and Treatment for Occupational Injuries:
    • Our services include immediate medical care, diagnosis, as well as physical and occupational therapy.
  • Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCEs):
    • Baseline evaluation: This takes (on average) 3-4 hours, addressing the full range of baseline physical tolerances
    • Job-specific: This takes (on average) 5-6 hours, addressing physical tolerances in comparison to job task demands.

Modified Duty/Prompt Return to Work Program

The goal of a modified duty program is to get your employee back to work as soon as possible. If the employee is not ready for a full return, we will work with you to create a modified version of his or her original job. This may be the same job with reduced hours, or a combination of tasks from other positions.

Workers Compensation Program Management

Treating an occupational injury is just the beginning of the care process. Our workers’ compensation program is known for tight coordination between clinical services and physical therapy, and consistent communication with the employer, case manager and insurance carrier.

Our workers’ compensation management program includes the following:

  •  Obtaining approval from insurance carriers for physical therapy, specialist referrals and diagnostic testing
  •  Management of all follow-up medical and physical therapy visits
  •  Communicating with employers regarding employee return-to-duty status
  •  Use of modified duty recommendations as needed
  •  Ongoing active coordination of services by our Care Coordinator

Physical and Occupational Therapy

Treating work-related injuries, our expert therapy team includes physical therapists, occupational therapists and exercise physiologists. Our medical staff oversees clients’ therapy to enhance the therapeutic and recovery process.

Our therapy center is outfitted with complete state-of-the-art equipment, which includes treadmills, weight resistive equipment, cycles, cable trainers, sleds, stairs and a full complement of worksite simulation stations. Our goal is to return our clients to full function as soon as possible. Our physical therapy services include:

Physical Demands Assessments: Physical demands assessments are pre-employment assessments specific to the physical requirements of a job. Employers typically provide a job description and outline the physical demands that are expected for this position prior to the assessment.

Ergonomic Workstation Evaluations

  • Jobsite evaluation
  • Worksite evaluation services
  • Worksite modification

Work Conditioning: Best for early referrals or referrals with uncomplicated psychological or vocational status.

  • Our therapist is more of a coach and teacher
  • Coaching must have specific functional objectives (performance goals)
  • Uses exercise, aerobic conditioning, education and limited work tasks
  • Cost-effective for appropriate referrals
  • Less comprehensive than an FCE or work hardening
  • Independent medical exams

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