Saint Rose Elementary School Students Organize Community Fundraiser for Danbury Hospital

New Milford Hospital
DANBURY, Connecticut – June 6, 2016 - Saint Rose Elementary School students Julia Cirone and Grace Soltis set a positive example for their classmates and teachers regarding the value of philanthropy. The fifth graders coordinated a series of game night events at their school in Newtown, to benefit Danbury Hospital, and invited classmates to participate in their unique fundraising efforts.

The students established a four-week program where participating classmates played games after school in exchange for a $50 donation. The program concluded this spring. In total, the students raised $850 and after a corporate donation from Equale & Cirone, LLP, the total raised was $2,000.

Julia Cirone is the daughter of Anthony W. Cirone, Jr., Associate Board Chair and a member of Danbury Hospital/New Milford Hospital Foundation Board, and her classmate Grace Soltis is the daughter of Dr. Robert Soltis and Dr. Jo-Ann Maroto-Soltis. Dr. Robert Soltis is an emergency medicine physician at Danbury Hospital and Dr. Jo-Ann Maroto-Soltis is an internal medicine specialist with Western Connecticut Medical Group.

“The girls didn’t have a particular mission in terms of what they wanted to support. They just wanted to give back to the community and help the hospital. This experience was a great lesson for them about what it means to give of your time and money,” said Cirone.

“What a blessing it is to see these students reaching out and thinking beyond themselves for a most wonderful community cause. We are proud to share in the mission to prepare our children to become responsible leaders and people of integrity and respect,” said Sr. Colleen Therese Smith, ASCJ and Saint Rose Elementary School Principal.

“Julia and Grace sought permission to use the school gym, asked teachers to chaperone the event, and promoted it throughout the school. They coordinated the entire plan and it went very smoothly. We’re proud of their efforts,” said Dr. Robert Soltis.

Dr. Jo-Ann Maroto-Soltis is proud of the way the girls took the initiative to make a difference. “They realized there was a need to help in their community and this is how they chose to give back,” she said.