Financial Arrangements and Assistance

At the time of admission, you will have the opportunity to review your insurance coverage. Whenever possible, the hospital will bill your insurance company directly, provided your benefits have been verified and you have completed the necessary forms assigning benefits to the hospital.

A Word About Insurance

  • If you have Blue Cross, Medicaid, Medicare, group or private health insurance or Workers' Compensation coverage, you should bring your identification card and insurance form if necessary.

  • Be sure to contact your insurance company as soon as your hospital stay is scheduled to verify coverage of services you expect to receive and to ensure that pre-admission and certification requirements are met.

  • Many insurance programs require pre-admission certification, notice of admission, second surgical opinions and treatment authorization. You should contact your health insurance representative to review your benefits prior to admission.

  • For emergency admissions, most insurance companies require notification by the subscriber as soon as possible.

  • Managed care (HMO) subscribers:  Please verify with the admitting department that New Milford Hospital and your private physician participate with your health plan.

Financial Assistance

It is the established policy of New Milford Hospital to provide services on the sole basis of medical necessity as determined by the medical staff without reference to race, color, ethnic origin, creed, age, sex, handicap or the ability to pay for such services.

An application for town or state assistance can be initiated prior to admission, at the time of admission, or after discharge by contacting Financial Counseling at 860-210-5433.

Financial Assistance Policy:

Plan Language Summaries:

To insure adequate reimbursement to meet operating needs, New Milford Hospital requires payment or proof of the ability to pay at or before the time of service.

Consistent with its mission, however, the Hospital will not deny necessary care because of a lack of financial information or financial resources. Until financial resources are properly identified, the Hospital may reschedule elective care.

In general, it is the Hospital’s policy that accounts not paid within ninety (90) days will be reviewed for appropriate collection action. No later than sixty (60) days after review, accounts deemed uncollectible will be referred to a collection agency.

You will receive monthly statements indicating your financial obligation. In addition, a final notice will be sent when the account becomes delinquent. The final notice is the last notification you will receive before collection referral.

Click here to download the Nuvance Health Credit and Collection Policy.