What Will It Cost Me

WCHN Price Transparency

As of January 1, 2019, Western Connecticut Health Network Hospitals will be posting our standard charges on our web site to comply with the new Federal Government Regulations. These charges will be updated monthly to account for changes in our service offerings. 

As an informed consumer, you should know that standard charges are established to cover the total cost of delivering high quality healthcare to you. Comparing standard charges between providers is complex, since there are not standard definitions or methodologies across all providers to establish charges. Your actual charges for services will depend on the specific services you receive, which in most circumstances may not be known in advance. WCHN Hospitals will work with you to provide an estimate of your charges, payment responsibilities and review the options available to meet those obligations, considering your benefit status. Insurance plans offer various levels of coverage which impact deductibles, coinsurance and co-pays which ultimately impact your out of pocket costs. 

Insurance companies negotiate discounts for their members and therefore, your actual out of pocket costs may be less than published standard rates. The Federal and State Governments determine the rates that they will pay hospitals for services rendered to patients covered under those programs and rates will be less than the standard charges posted.

When choosing a healthcare provider, you should consider other factors in addition to cost, such as quality, reputation, convenience and access to services.

At WCHN, we are committed to providing high quality, personalized healthcare. If additional information is required for assistance with estimating your total bill, please contact the WCHN Contact Center at 203-794-5350.

Click here to download the WCHN Charge Master Document