Patient Services

New Milford Hospital is committed to offering the highest quality medical care in a comfortable and soothing environment. It is for this reason that we also offer patients and their families the option of Integrative Medicine therapies at no charge during the patient’s stay with us.Complementary therapies include:

Primarily for patients having outpatient surgery, our experienced practitioner works with each patient individually with sensitivity to your unique frame of reference and perspective on hospital care.

Using a variety of techniques, including a self-hypnosis breathing strategy and personalized imagery, the practitioner supports the patient along a personal path designed to elicit a sense of relaxed well-being and comfort while minimizing pain, stress and anxiety. This program also offers strategies for chronic pain management.

Reflexology is the physical act of applying specific pressures using thumb, finger and hand techniques on the foot and hand, resulting in stress reduction. A primary benefit of reflexology is relaxation. Massage therapy is the scientific manipulation of the soft tissues of the body to improve the flow of blood and lymph and to reduce muscle tension.

Therapeutic Touch and Reiki are holistic, evidence-based therapies. These healing arts are a powerful adjunct to conventional therapeutic modalities that fuel the body’s homeostatic mechanism to establish balance and healthy energy flow, thereby allowing the awakening of the patient’s own natural healing ability. When the energy field is restored to normalcy, the body and mind tend to follow assisting in the restoration of balance at the physical, mental and emotional levels.

During a Therapeutic Touch or Reiki session, the hands of the practitioner are placed either lightly on a patient’s body or slightly above the body, depending on the patient’s preference. Physical touch need not occur. The practitioner’s hands gently move through the energy field with the intent to heal and, as areas of energy disturbance in the field are uncovered, the practitioner uses light hand movements to open and remove these disturbances. This interaction tends to reestablish balance and healthy energy flow while it awakens one's own natural healing ability.