About Quality and Safety

Welcome to the Quality and Safety section of the New Milford Hospital website. As a hospital that is part of a larger integrated health system, we believe our most important responsibilities involve our quality of care and the safety of our patients.

To meet our goals of quality and safety, we follow national best practices, from technology to teamwork, to deliver the finest care possible. We truly value our patients and promise to treat all who come through our doors with dignity and respect. We also commit to a culture of High Reliability, where we focus on ensuring we are providing care in an environment of relentless attention to safety and continuous learning.

Hospitals throughout the U.S. measure and report on certain statistics related to the care they deliver. These reports help guide hospital’s ongoing quality improvement efforts by highlighting areas where they perform well or have opportunity for improvement. Because you deserve to know how we are doing, we openly provide our performance measures. This is our Safe Care Promise to you.

How New Milford Hospital achieves our results in quality and safety involves some key principles. Our Board of Directors demands it. Our entire organization is committed to it. We spend a lot of time on it. We measure our performance constantly and hold ourselves accountable. We have an excellent and well-trained staff. And we continue to seek and implement best practices that ensure great outcomes.

The best hospitals are the ones who keep striving toward excellence in all they do. As we continue our quality improvement efforts, we invite and welcome your comments and suggestions. Thank you for putting your confidence in our care.

We present the Quality & Safety information on this website to provide objective and timely information to help you gauge the performance of our New Milford Hospital in various clinical care areas. New Milford Hospital also uses this information to identify places where we could improve the quality of our care even more.

Hospitals for many years have collected statistics on outcomes and patient satisfaction. In the late 2000s, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and Hospital Quality Alliance (HQA) began publicly reporting outcomes measurements, as a way to help inform patients about the performance of their local hospitals.

Why We Present Our Performance Measures

We are not obligated by law to present our performance measures – but we do so because we are deeply committed to transparency and honesty. We also are committed to providing the highest quality care possible for our patients, and the safest care. We encourage you to become familiar with this information in order to make informed decisions.

Hospital “quality” has different meanings. For some, it means successful treatment and a quick recovery. For others, it means not having to wait long for services such as an x-ray or a blood draw. It could also mean assistance with wellness and health maintenance. And for many, it means being treated respectfully and politely by care providers who really care.

Hospitals often discuss “clinical quality” in terms of studies, safety data and reports from third-party organizations. This information is important, of course. But to us at New Milford Hospital, it’s just as important to have our patients report a good hospital experience overall.