Emergency Department Satisfaction

What are we measuring?

Following their discharge from the New Milford Hospital Emergency Department, patients are asked questions about their satisfaction with all aspects of their ED visit.

This chart shows the overall mean satisfaction score for patients who had a visit to the New Milford Hospital Emergency Department.

How are we doing?

We compare the current quarter to the same quarter the previous year, and to the national benchmark. Higher numbers are better.


What are we doing to improve?

Some of the steps our Emergency Department care providers are taking to improve patient satisfaction even more include:

  • Seeing patients as quickly as possible
  • Introducing themselves to patients and families, and taking the time to listen
  • If there is a wait, explaining why and how long it might be
  • Making sure that tests, exams, etc., are explained and that patients and families understand why they are being done, or not done
  • Ensuring privacy for all patients
  • Maintaining a clean and comfortable environment