Pressure Ulcers Bed Sores

What are we measuring?

Pressure ulcers are commonly known as bedsores. Patients admitted to hospitals often have multiple medical conditions that place them at higher risk for skin breakdown.

Many – but not all – pressure ulcers in hospitals can be prevented. Preventing them, or treating them as early as possible, can help reduce further complications.

This chart indicates the rate of patients who developed pressure ulcers while at New Milford Hospital.

How are we doing?

We compare the current quarter to the same quarter the previous year, and to the national benchmark. Lower numbers are better.

Pressure Ulcers

What are we doing to improve?

Our nurses are careful to take certain steps to help prevent pressure ulcers. This includes:

  • Checking patient's skin when they are admitted
  • Noting which patients are at higher risk for developing pressure ulcers and taking appropriate actions
  • Providing the appropriate skin care for each patient
  • Assisting patients with changing position frequently
  • Encouraging as much activity as is allowed and tolerated